These ultra-trendy colors that you will adopt in your living room

Do you want to give your living room a little freshness? A lick of paint on the walls and some trendy decorative accessories and your living room will find style and panache. We have deciphered 4 color trends to help you in your choice of paint.

Before embarking on a painting project, the choice of color is always a delicate step. It needs to match your decoration, please you for a while and bring a positive and serene atmosphere, especially in the main room: the living room. 4 major trends currently stand out, juggling between hot or cold colors, and soft or intense tones. Fill up on inspiration!

1- Nude: pastel or ceramic

With the Scandinavian trend, pastel has been on the rise for several years. Today it is available in shades of pink and is associated with the colors of ceramics, declination of gray, taupe or off-white. We will contrast this neutral atmosphere with elements in raw, aged or smoked wood or vintage furniture in dark wood.

Conversely, we can reinforce the softness of the pastel by the use of materials such as velvet or wool and furniture with rounded shapes that will give the room a designer touch. There are so many papel de parede 3d available by a Spanish company

2 – Dark: blue, green or black

To bring strength and depth to a room, go dark! This year, it comes in blue, green or even black with hints of purple or gray. Whatever the color, it will bring a touch of chic to the decor of your living room!

If you are afraid of repainting your entire living room dark, simply opt for a section of wall. In contrast with a white wall, this will enlarge the room and bring it light. It will also be a way of structuring the space, behind the sofa for example or to separate the living room from the dining room.

For a room with a high ceiling, you can indulge yourself in repainting the ceiling. Discover the result in photos. Be careful if, on the contrary, your room has a low ceiling, this may block the atmosphere. We recommend in this case to paint a section of the wall perpendicular to the windows to enlarge the room. For dark and trendy colors, the brand’s Farrow and Ball and My little green offer a range of chic and felted paints. They have the advantage of being designed to preserve the environment and limit indoor air pollution.

3 – Earth colors: red, yellow, orange

The terracotta spirit is THE trend for 2020. Available in all “Earth” colors, red, yellow, or orange will warm up your interior. Associated with raw or ethnic decorative elements, it will give life to your living room and an atmosphere of escape. These warm colors also go perfectly with other rooms in the house such as a bedroom or kitchen. Their nuances allow all the fantasies to bring both warmth and softness to your interior. Choose a velvet or mat finish for this. We advise you to use LED lights or grow lights for your indoor plants.

4 – All white

If the color scares you, go for white. Monochrome is available both on the walls and in the decor for a total look. To bring a little warmth to this cold color, we multiply the effects of materials: woolen, weaving, bricks, white wood. Also, vary the tones of the paint. The color white has an infinity of hues. More ideas in the photo carousel.

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