Ryght Pocket 2 test – Ultra nomad bluetooth speaker

Good morning all,

I had the pleasure of testing the Pocket2 speaker from Ryght. It is a small enclosure which deserves the detour because it has some characteristics which make the difference.

Technical sheet

As usual, peeeeeetit turn of the owner to see what we have to do.

Drums800mAh, autonomy: 8h , recharge time 1h30
Dimensions102 x 64.3 x 48mm
Water resistanceIPX6
AccessoriesSuction cup, bike mount, carrying pouch, carabiner

Mobility mobility mobility!

Autonomy at the meeting

On this side there no worries, the autonomy is sufficient for any type of daily use.


The universal thread is really appreciable, we say that we can put the speaker anywhere. Its carrying case allows us to transport it easily and its resistance to water and dust completes the picture of a really practical and solid speaker.

Sound quality

The Pocket 2 is distinguished by many advantages, but the sound quality is not one of them. The enclosure is small so anyway you don’t expect miracles. However, to qualify, the power of the delivered sound is really acceptable or surprising for a device of this size. We can put the music rather loud and finally in the conditions in which we will use this Pocket 2 is more than enough.

The idea is not to seek too much sound quality anyway. The nomadic, resistant and practical aspect takes precedence over sound quality and precision. The contract is clear after all.

Quality and resistance to the meeting but the suction cup to review

We trust this enclosure by the materials used and the good handling they provide. Its announced water resistance confirms this feeling. Be careful though if you use the speaker in cable jack mode and not in bluetooth the water resistance is compromised since the hatch is open.

I still have to point out to you my little mishap since a suction cup broke during the test. Yet in use all that is most classic. Besides, these same suction cups quickly become quite dirty since the plastic catches all the dust and quickly becomes sticky (the height for a suction cup you will tell me). So there is probably something to review on the side of these suction cups.

My opinion

I am often quite mixed on this type of speakers because I am almost always disappointed with the sound quality (with a few exceptions). And no real exception for this speaker. However, we do not hold it against him since sound quality is not really his objective. The Pocket2 is not there to deliver an incredible sound, it is there to be wandered everywhere without having to pay special attention to it and after all the important thing is above all to have the speaker at the right time in the right place. The mobility challenge for this enclosure has been successful. Autonomy, compactness, resistance, practicality. She takes up all these challenges at ease.

If this speaker interests you, you can order it directly on the Ryght website or on Amazon (and thus help, 4 colors are available.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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