Powercube – Test of smart and affordable multiple sockets

One has the impression that the power strip sector is completely frozen. We have not seen innovation in this sector for a while and we still see the same products. And yet I don’t have the impression that the multiple sockets that we currently know are the perfect answer to the need. There is therefore progress to be made and who says potential progress says possible innovation. What if there were good ideas to develop around multiple sockets?

So I had the opportunity to take charge of multiple sockets that innovate or in any case seek solutions to everyday problems.

I received PowerCube power strips from Allocacoc . Here is what the basic models look like:

So there are simple cubes or “Extended” cubes which is the version with the cable. I also tested versions with USB sockets like this:

There are many models with many options such as ethernet sockets, sockets that can be controlled with a button, etc.

Come on, look at what we can do!

By positioning yourself on a cube system it is therefore possible to combine the modules in order to build the multi-socket that we need. You can choose the colors , the options on each cube but also the shape of the power strip, for example making angles.

With the “Extended” models there is an included fastening system which allows to attach the socket under a table like this:

It’s really smart to have thought of that, a small module attached to the cable also allows you to fix the cable as desired.

I would have also seen a suction cup to fix the power strip anywhere.


I was conquered by these Powercubes! I find them intelligent and well thought out. The quality is there and the prices are not excessive since we can touch the basic models in the 15 €. Of course the price goes up when you buy several modules with specific options. No idea at the moment if these catches will last over time.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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