Pal-V One, the motorcycle / flying car

The flying car is a bit of the ultimate dream. The kind of thing you see only in movies like in the fifth element. It is now reality. However, the Pal-v one developed by PAL-V Europe NV is not limited to the simple flying car. Nimble like a motorcycle, comfortable like a car and free like an airplane. That’s all the Pal-v one!

This device can allow you to cross a lake, cut hundreds of kilometers in a short time, pass mountains easily or just tell you about it.

More technically speaking, the Pal-V One is both a 3-wheel vehicle and a gyrocopter. Conceptually the girocopter is close to the helicopter but the piloting sensations are more close to the plane. To transform the land vehicle into a girocopter, simply deploy the tail of the machine and shoot the pale and presto, in 10 minutes you are up there! The device can reach  180 km / h both on bitumen and in the air.

It is therefore necessary to have both a car license and an aviation certificate to be able to control the craft. Obviously and fortunately I would say because it doesn’t pretend to fly, it’s a real little plane. It can fly up to 1200m away  from commercial flights in uncontrolled airspaces, i.e. outside TMA ( Terminal Maneuvering Area  : they are regulated airspaces intended to protect flights on approach or from (one or more airports) and outside CTR ( Control traffic Region : these are regulated airspaces, intended to protect flights arriving or departing from an aerodrome). No price communicatedon the vehicle. Would you be a buyer if the price was reasonable? Finally if the price is affordable then there will be many buyers and therefore a hell of a mess in the sky!

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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