Moona regulates the temperature of your pillow for better sleep

Moona is a Kickstarter project which aims to help you sleep better by regulating the temperature of your pillow. Many Kickstarter projects revolve around well-being at home and in particular around sleep, but this is the first time that I have seen such a project to regulate the temperature of the pillow. When you think about it it can be very effective. Moona has more than doubled its fundraising goal as of this writing and it will no doubt continue.

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The principle

Our bodies need different temperatures at different times of the night. Moona analyzes your sleep to regulate the temperature of your neck and head in order to sleep better. Among the various devices that exist to optimize your sleep, what we can remember is that temperature is the key element that makes the difference on the quality of sleep.

Doctors have shown that to fall asleep, our body temperature needs to decrease. Our head plays a critical role in regulating this body temperature. During the night we need a cool temperature and conversely to wake up in good conditions our body needs to warm up. We therefore see that regulating this temperature throughout the night can allow us to sleep much better.

The team that is developing Moona promises that the product allows us to fall asleep faster , to have more deep sleep , to wake up in better conditions , to optimize recovery after a jetlag (temperature plays a role in our body clock) or to wake up naturally.

An application allows you to view your sleep and the phases that Moona goes through.

How it works ?

The device manages to regulate the temperature of the pillow thanks to a water system. This allows the pillow to cool or warm in a linear and natural way . The concept is to slide a flat part inside the pillow which will take care of changing the temperature and monitoring your sleep. This part is connected to a base by a cable. And it is this basis that controls sleep and temperature.

In short, another interesting Kickstarter project but like all Kickstarter projects we are never sure if the project will succeed or not. Regardless of the financial aspect moreover since a small buzz is enough to explode the financing objectives but that does not really guarantee the result. This project holds the road this said therefore I do not see why it would not succeed. Moona is expected to cost $ 399. So, are you buying?

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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