Keecker – A French multimedia robot controlled by your smartphone

Keecker is first of all a Parisian company founded in 2012. Its goal is to  make your life better thanks to innovative technologies. Keecker’s first product is the one we’re going to talk about. It is a connected, mobile and wireless robot. It redefines home entertainment.

The concept

“Keecker is another way of looking at IT or electronics

This connected, intelligent and wireless robot is completely independent. THE great innovation of this robot is to bring you the content where you want it. You are no longer restricted to your physical screens, Keecker can project wherever you want. It is at your service and presents itself as a complete multimedia hub.

This robot offers you the possibility of having a large screen absolutely everywhere. The sound is broadcast to 360 degrees around the device and multiple cameras can also watch 360 degrees. Keecker is controlled through a dedicated smartphone application .

It also studies your environment

The application also allows access to various information collected by the robot. Indeed, by walking around your home, the robot records information and lets you know the temperature, humidity, noise level, brightness or even the CO2 level of your interior.

Keecker is a collective object. It makes you live things together (films, games, music, video conferences …). It is aimed at the whole family and is opposed to tablets / smartphones which by definition are personal. The sharing and dissemination of multimedia content is immediate. We imagine for example a video conference where the robot could follow you during your travels in the house to continue the conference without worrying about logistics.  Right now you would be required to carry your smartphone / tablet and take care that the camera is well positioned etc. Doing something at the same time is therefore very complicated. The robot removes many constraints.

Some additional details

  • 60cm high and 40cm wide
  • Weight: 14Kg
  • Hard drive: 1TB
  • Projector / cameras / speakers
  • Several days of autonomy

We can imagine the fight every morning between family members on their respective smartphones to bring the robot to its own room! 

I find this project particularly well thought out. It  responds perfectly to what we can expect from the multimedia of tomorrow. Presented at CES 2014 , Keecker is scheduled for the end of 2014 . This new domestic companion that will be able to integrate into tomorrow’s interiors with simplicity  will still cost you between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000. The price of a device like no other.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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