Archos – Connected health for all (bracelet, balance and blood pressure monitor).

Archos is best known as the French brand producing smartphones and tablets while trying to compete with the biggest. The brand has a rather low cost positioning and continues in this positioning with these 3 new connected products called “Connected self”. Archos is launching into a very buoyant market at the moment, which is quantified self , collecting data about yourself to study and better understand yourself. It is in the same wave as home automation and everything.

Archos – 3 products unveiled

Archos is therefore launching 3 products in this health perspective. It is a connected scale (Archos scale), a bracelet (Archos activity tracker) and a blood pressure monitor (Archos blood presure monitor) also connected.

Archos scale – The connected scale

This is a very classic balance The little extra thing is that your weighing data is automatically synchronized with the application via Bluetooth and is archived. This allows you to view the history, set goals and see graphically the progress.

By adding your measurements to the Connected Self app, she can also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your fat mass to help you lose the good pounds.

The application also allows you to view the data of other family members, yes there we are at the limit of privacy and if I tell you that you can share your figures on social networks you must answer me: “ No, it’s not ok !!! ” . Right answer.

Archos blood presure monitor – Know your heart better

The purpose of this device is to monitor your heart. Know it better to find out when something is wrong.

The ARCHOS Blood Pressure Monitor also alerts you if it detects an irregular heartbeat.

Here the device is semi autonomous, you can use it normally without necessarily synchronizing it with your application.

No need to have your smartphone with you for each reading, the ARCHOS Blood Pressure can store 60 measurements in memory between synchronizations.

Archos activity tracker – The best for hunger

As with other products, the tracker’s information is automatically synchronized on your smartphone via bluetooth. It behaves like a “classic” connected bracelet by recording the number of steps. It allows you to view the number of calories burned and other information of the same style. It allows you to set goals and has a small screen to view current statistics at the touch of a button. A “long-lasting” battery is announced, it should last 7 days. It can be recharged by USB.

Price and availability

As I said in the introduction, Archos remains in the same line as usual. It will take about 59 € for the bracelet and the balance, and 80 € for the blood pressure monitor. Attractive prices well below the competition, especially regarding the connected bracelet. No information regarding any marketing date to give you however I think it should not be long.

The final word

What I find interesting in these 3 products is that the information from the 3 devices is collected in a single application , the “Archos Connected Self” application. Regarding the products as such they are fairly classic and do not bring  great innovations however they are at very attractive prices and have most of the expected features.

Personally I have always really appreciated this brand, obviously because it is French but also because it has nothing to envy to the American multi-nationals. She does things her own way and remains a real interesting alternative.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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