Sony QX10 - Review and review of a standalone lens

Sony has just launched two new innovative lenses which are especially unique in their genre. These lenses look like most interchangeable lenses, but they have the particularity of being completely autonomous. They therefore have a trigger, a memory card port, a battery, an NFC chip and a WiFi chip. The functioning of these 2 toys deserves some explanations. You can fix them on your…
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Sony A5000 review - Compact and connected hybrid

We meet today for the test of a Sony camera: The A5000 ! It is a compact camera with interchangeable lens. This test article is not intended to be “ultra” technical since I am not competent to test a camera in depth with calibrated tests to push the device to its limits. However, I can tell you if it does the job and if I am satisfied with it based on what I wanted to do with it and my…
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