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Sony A5000 review – Compact and connected hybrid

We meet today for the test of a Sony camera: The A5000 ! It is a compact camera with interchangeable lens. This test article is not intended to be “ultra” technical since I am not competent to test a camera in depth with calibrated tests to push the device to its limits. However, I can tell you if it does the job and if I am satisfied with it based on what I wanted to do with it and my purchasing criteria.

I had a lot of constraints in choosing this camera. I was looking for a compact device, which I could disengage with manual settings, with an interchangeable lens, with good connectivity, a rotary and touch screen and finally that it was beautiful. Ouch that’s a lot. Well, I can tell you right away that the touch screen is not there. But it was not the main one.

Technical characteristics

SensorBSI CMOS 20 Mpx, APS-C (x1.5), 5.4 Mpx / cm
Sensitivity (ISO range)ISO 100 – 16000
Screen7.5 cm, no TN, 460,800 dots, 16/9, non-touch
Kit lens3.1x 16-50mm f / 3.5 -5.6
Bare weight210g
Video resolutionAVCHD (1920 x 1080i at 24Mbps / 50i / 25p).
 Connectivity Wifi, NFC

Type E lens

The Sony A5000 has a type E ring. At Sony there are 2 types of lenses (and therefore 2 types of rings). Type E lenses and Type A lenses. The A types are really SLR oriented and the E types are present on hybrid cameras mainly as well as on Sony cameras. The type E ring here therefore gives access to a rather acceptable catalog of objectives. Keep in mind that type E sony lenses are still  more expensive than average.I did not inquire more than that but I know that there are rings that allow you to adapt type A objectives to type E and vice versa. To see if the electronic part for AutoFocus is kept. If you have info on this subject I am interested.

Lens supplied in kit: SEL 16-50mm OSS

The objective provided when purchasing a kit is the 16-50mm OSS (Optical Stabilization System). This objective is criticized enough in tests on other sites because, yes, it could do better but it has some undeniable advantages.

First of all its size because it is a lens that opens during ignition. Once the device is turned off, the footprint is really small. In addition the wide angle of the 16mm position and the beauty of the portraits that can be done in 50mm makes me say that the ratio 16-50mm is a good compromise. Even if an additional zoom would often be useful. This is especially why the 55-210 lens from Sony is quite interesting in addition to this kit lens.

Some examples of photos taken with the camera

The menus

Evolution of the device

What guided me towards this type of camera and not towards a conventional SLR was first of all the size and the weight of the camera. Only the condition that went with it was to be able to evolve the case anyway and therefore to see a little further than simply buying the device. So compact devices didn’t interest me. Access to the catalog of type E lenses is therefore very interesting, as well as why not be able to add an adapter ring if it works well to expand the catalog.

The day the camera is limiting, I can also upgrade the camera by keeping my type E lenses to switch, for example, to an alpha 6000, an alpha 7 (but it’s not the same price…).

It is sure that in terms of catalog of objectives there is better. For types E there is not a huge choice and above all: prices go up very quickly.

My opinion

I am fully satisfied with this device. The manufacturing quality of Sony is no longer to prove and the device is dense and well built. Its connectivity makes it pleasant to use day to day. You can immediately share a beautiful photo or download a selection of photos on your phone or tablet in a few seconds (thank you NFC!). For me, this connectivity is a huge asset!

The grip is not perfect because of the compactness of the device (we can not have everything) and therefore requires time to adapt and special attention not to drop it.

So he passed the test and met all my criteria. I can only recommend it!

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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