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Netflix in France – Sign up, it’s free! (linux tip and notice)

You have all heard of the arrival of Netflix in France. If you have no idea what I’m talking about: Netflix is ​​a platform on which you can watch series / films / documentaries in streaming and unlimited against € 7.99 / month for the most basic version (1 screen only). There are 2 other subscriptions: € 8.99 / month in HD for 2 simultaneous screens and € 11.99 / month in HD for 4 simultaneous screens. That said, Netflix offers 1 month free to any new user. Note that subscriptions are non-binding , so it’s a good opportunity.

So Netflix is ​​good?

Well let’s be serious I think I will leave Netflix at the end of the free month, however the solution is still very nice. Indeed, the simplicity of the interface and the fluidity  are two great assets and the fact of having access to a lot of content in 2 clicks is super pleasant.

Question catalog it is true that it is not madness. Personally for the moment I have only watched reports (the kind of stuff you don’t bother with buy on a suitable platform). A simple example: Game Of Thrones is completely absent from the repertoire. For my part it is therefore unacceptable …

It seems that Bouygues could include the application in Bboxes in November , it’s very welcome from them. By cons I have not found a plugin for RaspBMC to integrate it with my Raspberry Pi so if someone has an info on it thank you in advance!

How about Linux?

The best solution I have found for Netflix to run on Linux can be found at Korben here . Tested and approved solution. In simple it consists in making believe in the Netflix site that you are under Windows;) The beautiful imposture !!


To conclude: go for the free month, make your opinion it’s free and tell me what you think in the comments;)

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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