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Google Home mini – Test and review

The star of the Christmas gift! It was him. Google Home. We are testing the mini version of this Google Assistant today. The problem is to know how we can use it and how this Google Home can make our life easier (or not).

Unpacking and design

A quick tour of the specifications if you want.

The mini stands out for its discretion. Small, flat and sober, it fits everywhere without complaining. We even forget it.

Home mini usage

Let’s roll up our sleeves to talk about usage. After 1 month of use this Google mini has fully integrated into my daily life without being intrusive. Some days I don’t use it but I’m glad it’s not far when I need it.

Use with Chromecast , music management with Spotify or Google Music, all the questions I can ask myself instead of looking for my phone to write the question in google, the use of Home becomes natural. All these uses are really interesting on a daily basis.

Google still doesn’t work miracles for its conversational skills. It is not a question of having conversations but of asking him to carry out research or actions on our connected environment. That said, the device remains very fun because even if sometimes it is limited and devoid of response, the Google Assistant always finds a formula to answer you. It is true, however, that it becomes even more interesting when you have other connected products in the house. The link with Google Home then becomes natural.

Privacy in all of this?

Google obviously promises security of your personal data, luckily you will tell me! The question that many ask themselves is “Is the microphone still working and listening to us constantly?” Yes and no. That’s a response from Normand that;)

Let me explain. Yes the assistant is still “on alert” to try to intercept an “Ok Google” or a “Google Dis” But of course nothing more.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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