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Energy Sistem multi-room speaker test

Good morning all ! I’m testing for you today speakers coming straight from Spanish territory from Energy System . This company markets smartphones and speakers among other things, always at fairly incredible prices so I invite you to take a look at their site to find out all about it.

I myself was very curious when I discovered their catalog and they agreed to send me a kit of multi-room speakers to test. Thanks to them and let’s go for the test!


Multi-room systems are flourishing among all manufacturers of audio systems anxious to stay in the era of time. Sonos has long been a pioneer in this field, but Bose, Samsung and even Sony quickly updated themselves to offer complete solutions. This area of ​​multi-room has some particularities since it requires connecting the speakers to the network and having a well-developed and complete software part so that it is easy to configure and use on a daily basis. Quite a few sensitive points that can make the multi-room experience bad if they are not applied correctly.

It is in this context that Energy Sistem offers its own multi-room solution at a lower cost  compared to the big competitors on the market.

Characteristic side

Loudspeakers4 ″ x 2 (central) + 1.5 ″ (tweeters) + 4 ″ (subwoofer)1.5 “x 2 (main units) + 2.5” (subwoofer)
Power60W (10W * 2 + 10W + 30W)25W (15W + 5W * 2)
Frequencies20 Hz ~ 20 KHz60 Hz ~ 20 KHz
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, Wifi ,
Auxiliary Jack 3.5mm, Auxiliary RCA SD
card , USB
Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi ,
Auxiliary Jack 3.5mm, SD
card , USB
 Drums – Capacity: 2050 mAh
Autonomy: 4 hours
Charging time: 2 hours


To configure the speakers the first time, just plug them in and launch the Energy multiroom Wi-Fi app .Then follow the few steps to connect the speaker to the network. This includes noting the password of your Wifi to send it to the speaker so that it can connect. You can then give your speaker a name and assign it to a room. Quick and efficient configuration on my side. RAS.

The app, the app, the app!

Multi-room systems are all completely proprietary systems They each have their own means of communication, configuration, etc. When you get into a multi-room with a brand, you can’t get away with it. Sonos sells for example a bridge which one could connect on a traditional speaker so that it works on the multi-room system but it is much too expensive to be interesting.

If I insist on the fact that the system is proprietary it is to come to the fact that the whole user experience is therefore based on the application developed by the brand to manage the speakers. The application is therefore the hyper sensitive point for this kind of system  because it is impossible to go through your usual music playback applications to play sound in multi-room mode. No no no ! Here it is the application of the mark or it is nothing. Finally for the multi-room because otherwise we can use classic bluetooth to connect to 1 particular speaker or even an old-fashioned jack cable.

So let’s come to the application developed by Energy Sistem. Once the speakers are configured, here is the interface:

Let’s talk about what’s wrong

The application is too light.  A big downside for this solution is that too few audio sources are available. You can launch music from Spotify , radios from TuneIn and local files . That’s all. Since I usually don’t use any of these solutions I was quite taken aback. I’m more like Google Music, SoundCloud… You have to add more to the app!

Some details are bothersome too. I’m a bit fussy but there are often volume jumps when synchronizing 2 speakers on the same music. It’s just unpleasant.

Another negative point, unfortunately it is not possible to control the audio system via your Mac / PC or via a web interface. However everything is connected to wifi but this has just not been developed. It’s really a shame because it’s practical to manage music from a computer sometimes.

Speakers speak when you change sources, when they start up, or when a device connects. But I find this voice too loud and it is impossible to deactivate it. It is quite unfortunate.

Good points

The small speaker even if it delivers a really poor sound quality can be practical because it can operate completely on battery. Provided you stay in an area covered by your WiFi, you can walk around this enclosure wherever you want. Good point on that.

The audio quality of the “Tower” speaker is more than adequate. You can also adjust the Basses and Trebles at the back of the enclosure. The connectivity is also really complete which really allows you to take advantage of it in multiple situations (jack cable, RCA, bluetooth, USB etc.)

My opinion

Finally, here is the summary of my feelings and what I remember from these speakers and especially from this system proposed by Energy Sistem.

The proposal is beautiful: A multi-room system with a pack of 2 speakers for € 199. In reality, the solution demonstrates a lack of maturity. The application needs to be improved. Either it works well but there is a clear need to expand the catalog of supported music applications.

That said, there is a good base and I am won over by everything else. I find the design of the speakers classy. Visually it is successful!  The sound from the “Tower” speaker is good. Indeed the other speaker of the pack is clearly not terrible in sound quality but it is an extra speaker. Besides the double Tower pack is 249 € and I think it’s really worth it. It is therefore with enthusiasm that I recommend this multi-room solution! (while waiting for an update to evolve the application)

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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