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10 Best Pedestal Fan in India [ Reviews and Rating ]

Are you looking for best Pedestal Fan in India? Here we will give you review and rating of all the products which are available in market with their cons.

The Indian summers are at their peak right now. While the days are quite taxing, theevenings are pleasant as the monsoon marks its arrival in July. The long, lazy days of summer become a nightmare when your house is not fully equipped to bear the rising mercury levels. The unforgiving heat is going nowhere which means you still have time to stock up on all your summer-ready home appliances like pedestal fan, ceiling fan, air conditioners and others.

While most of you are working from home this summer season, it only makes sense to invest in the air cooling gadgets for a comfortable day.

Pedestal fans have been an integral part of every Indian household for years now. The portability, convenience and ease of carrying around make pedestal fans a popular choice at home even today. When air conditioners have become an ultimatenecessity, sometimes it’s the pure blissful pedestal fan cooling that relaxes you on abreezy summer evening on the terrace.

Even today, many urban residents enjoy their time picnic days and evening snacks on the terraces. This is when pedestal fans come in handy. The size, shape, look & feel and the overall look of the pedestal fans have changed over the years making them modern and functional at the same time.

Best pedestal fan in India

In this blog, you will examine the best pedestal fans available in India in 2020. Take a peek

Pick 1: Havells 400mm Tourner Rotatable Pedestal Fan (Premium Category)

Loaded with note-worthy features and an aesthetically pleasing design, the Havells 400mm Tourner Pedestal fan is truly one of a kind. Although quite simple-looking, this pedestal fan comes with a 360-rotating swivel that can be moved in both directions. Surprisingly, it can even be faced straight upwards. Amazing, isn’t it? This one is a 60W fan that has its motor running at 1200RPM.

Naturally, speed and directions can be adjusted to fit your needs with a built-in customizable remote controller. The 5-blade fan offers an 8-hour runtime making it an economical choice too. You can swing between Hawaiian summer feels to Ireland’s roaring winds (minus the noise). Even at its top speed, the Havells fan is silent like a wall clock. Anadditional 2-year warranty is like the cherry on the cake.


In comparison to its competitors, Havells pedestal fan is a fairly expensive buy that can burn a hole in your pocket. The polycarbonate body also makes it fairly less durable.

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Pick 2: American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mm Imported Pedestal Fan (Budget)

For those with a less swanky budget, the American Micronic AMI-PFT-55WDx 400mn Imported Pedestal Fan is a steal deal. The promise of quality and functionally impressive design, this one stands at the pedestal of the best fans in India right now. The pedestal fan is loaded with features like an automatic oil reservoir that lubricates the motor to extend its life.

Additionally, the company offers a 2-year warranty, making it a safe choice for functional families. The 55W motor can be adjusted in three-speed settings that you can juggle and settle at the one that best suits your needs. An array of impressive features and design plus an additional wheelset at the bottom of the fan make it one of our top favourites. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet – While you sleep like a baby, the fan turns off itselfafter 120-minutes (given that you’ve set the timer function).


Honestly, there is nothing to fault here except for the fact that being an imported pedestal fan it goes through a lot of rough handling. Many buyers complain of broken or faulty parts and mechanics that can be a result of manhandling

Pick 3: ANSIO 400mm High-Speed Pedestal Fan

The copper motor in the ANSIO 400mm high-speed pedestal fan is capable of running at an exemplary speed of 2300RPM. This extra-ordinary feature makes it a much better choice than most of its contemporaries. The fan speed can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Fortunately, the fan also boasts of a special 2-hour auto turn off timer which doesn’t interfere with your everyday sleep schedule. The new-age pedestal supports 80-degree oscillations along with vertical adjustment of fan head. Mind you! You can still increase/decrease the eight of the fan depending on your comfort levels.


For us, the biggest drawback has to be the lack of a remote controller. Although the high-speed is a boon, the loud noises are a major turn off. The high-speed fan also consumes electricity at a super high-speed. Watch out for the exaggerated electricity bills when you have you bring home the ANSIO 400mm High-Speed Pedestal fan.

Pick 4: Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fans (Quality)

A simple, no-frills attached pedestal fan that promises a goodnight’s sleep in your humble abode. It is a basic 3-pedal fan with 450mm head that runs a terrific speed of 1400 RPM (given the price of course). The Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Pedestal Fan is best suited for heavy-duty loads, low voltage sustenance and thermal overload. Even with all that pressure, this pedestal fan continues to provide you with a homelychilled environment.


The Havells V3 Yurbo is a moderately priced and decent value for money product from the respected brand. The disadvantages of this product have to be thelack of a remote controller, fan-speed adjusting function and the blaring noise it makes at night. For silent-sleepers, this fan may not be the best buy.

Pick 5: Orient 400mm Stand 32 Pedestal Fan

Orient is a fairly renowned name in the fan industry that has come up with the mostremarkable pedestal fan to deal with the scorching summer heat. The base of the fans has wheels attached to it which provides easy mobility for those looking to use their pedestal fan at different locations. The fan head offers height adjustment, vertical tilt mechanism, and an oscillation feature that goes up to 90 degrees. The fan head conveniently holds that basic controls making it a functional home appliance.


Ditching the old metal base, this plastic fan is a fairly light and controllable model. It is a budget purchase but durability is quite questionable. The lack of a remote controller is a disadvantage that can’t be ignored but the fan is stylish and solves the purpose at a promising cost.

Pick 6: Usha Helix Pro 400mm Pedestal Fan

When a brand like Usha does a fan, there is hardly anything you can fault in it. The new advanced version of the Usha pedestal fan runs at an impressive speed of 2300RPM offering a fresh air quality throughout the room. Besides exceptional after-salesservices, Usha offers a superior tilting mechanism that works smoothly. Below the head of the fan, Usha places the ON/OFF and speed adjusting buttons conveniently. A remarkable product from a promising brand offering 2 years of warranty receives thumbs up from us.


The Usha Helix Pro 400mm Pedestal fan is a basic pedestal fan with no major attractions other than the trustworthy brand name. The lack of advanced features like a remote controller and timer feature is disappointing but given the price tag, you can barely complain

Pick 7: Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan

Are you in need of a fan with a short height? Well, here is the Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan that comes with a 5-step height adjustment system ideal for various room sizes.

With its uber-stylish looks, noise-less features and premium aura; this Panasonic Pedestal fan is a good choice for office rooms. The fan speed is adjustable at 3 levels and also comes with a 2-year warranty.


Precisely designed for quieter areas, this pedestal fan is suitable only for smaller rooms that require medium-low airflow. An office room with lower seating might benefit from this product but if the seating is not ideal, it won’t solve much of the purpose. Understandably, a portable pedestal fan with bare minimum RPM and power lacks a remote control. A small room holding this fan doesn’t necessarily need a remote controller after all

Pick 8: V-Guard Finesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan

An impressive pedestal fan loaded with a variety of features comes at a fairly acceptable price point too. A whole range of smart features includes a remote controller, a wind-speed adjustment control with natural, sleep and normal mode. All the modes have been smartly designed keeping in mind their true purpose.

V-Guard Finesta Remote offers a thermal overload protector and one-year product warranty with the pedestal fan. The V-Guard Finesta Remote Pedestal Fan package includes a remote controller and also promises a 7.5-hour off-timer feature. The interesting combination of features, aesthetically pleasing looks and a fair price point make it a great buy for everyday use.


The fan is a good buy on paper but what not necessarily solves the purpose it is meant for. Although selling at an attractive price point, V-Finest Guard Remote pedestal fan has a tiny motor that runs at a maximum speed of 1350 RPM. This fan speed isn’t the best suited for all the people in the room. It doesn’t necessarily solvethe purpose for those looking at a pedestal fan with a somewhat higher power. Unfortunately, the product may come across as a promising one; the reviews tell a different tale. It checks all the boxes of quality but durability remains questionable. Previous buyers and current users complain of its quality and durability in the long run

Pick 9: Flipkart SmartBuy 3-Blade Pedestal Fan (Budget Option)

Flipkart is a trusted name in the e-commerce business that comes up with a smart-looking 3-blade pedestal fan. The plastic body of the pedestal fan makes it corrosion-free, water-resistant and supports oscillation feature. The fan does come up with a speed-adjusting button but the lack of demarcations on the onboard button panel it quite a deal-breaker. The Flipkart SmartBuy pedestal fan doesn’t consume more than 60 watts of power at a given point of time. The brand Flipkart also promises a 2-year warranty for the product that looks like a good buy.


When buying this fan does not ask for more than a value-for-money product. The plastic body is a boon and a bane too. The bottom part is heavy which provides good balance but the plastic body lacks sturdiness especially when it is running at full speed. Also, if you’re expecting a full-throttle performance, this fan may not be the best choice for you. It offers sub-par airflow but still passes off as a good buy

Pick 10: Usha Aerolux 400mm Pedestal Fan

Minimal design, LED display, a striking look and feel – all of it comes together in onepremium-segment fan from Usha. The Usha Aerolux 400mm Pedestal Fan includes a sleek and stylish remote controller that only adds to the aesthetics of your modern office and room spaces.

When it comes to Usha, you can expect nothing less than perfection and in this case a noise-free environment. Even while running at full speed, the fan operates at pin-drop silence. The auto-shut feature after 12-hours also makes it an economical choice for families looking at a value for money buy. There is an 8-hour programmable timer included with pre-set options make Usha Aerolux 400mm Pedestal Fan a the best buy in the market.


With a lower level of noises comes a low RPM motor that also reduces its air circulation levels. This pedestal fan can be a good pick for fully air-conditioned offices where the need of the hour is purely circulation of the cool air. Besides the low pressure of air circulation, the price can be a big deterring factor when buying this one in the market. Not prohibitively expensive but a posh-looking fan does come at a premium price that might not suit most households

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