Plantronics BackBeat Pro review – Active insulation at an affordable price

After the BackBeat Sense test , we are left today with another model from Plantronics: the BackBeat Pro The 2 helmets are not on the same market because the Sense is a small, light and thin helmet while the Pro is large and more comfortable. This helmet is not new, it was released a while ago so let’s see together if it is still at the top of what is done today.


In the box, no frills. The headset, a jack cable and a micro-USB cable to charge it as well as a carrying case.

Note that the inside of the carrying case is particularly soft and neat! We would still have appreciated a small pocket for cables.

Technical specifications

As usual we take a look at the technical specifications:

Autonomy24h listening wirelessly!
Loading timeBetween 2 and 3 hours for a full recharge
Sign inNFC, Bluetooth APTX (2 simultaneous devices) , wired
OtherActive noise isolation, automatic play / pause

What you must remember

Let’s see in a few points what to remember from this helmet.

Perfect insulation

Already that the passive insulation of this helmet is formidable but then with the active insulation there we reach heights. Not really active insulation is very useful in open space for example, but also on the train, at home when there is work outside or in many other cases. In fact you get used to it and as soon as you really have to concentrate and there is background noise, hop it is activated and you are quiet.

However, I got into the habit of not using it in excess because it should not be completely isolated from the world even if it is an undeniable comfort.  Note however that for having briefly tested the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 which also has the active insulation option, I find that the insulation of the BackBeat Pro is less “confusing”.

The simultaneous connection to 2 devices every day = happiness

The connection to several devices at the beginning we say “Mouerf”, assuming that this expression exists … But in fact think again and think again because at the beginning I did not react too much to the happiness that it could provide on a daily basis. Here is the explanation. I have been using a bluetooth headset for a while which does not have this option and when I turn it on, it connects to the first device it knows (my phone or my computer … Already there you feel the moldy thing) except that it’s automatic and if it’s not the one I wanted, I just have to deactivate the bluetooth on this device to get the headset on the other device. We are losing too much time !! And it’s annoying!

Hence: Connecting to 2 devices at the same time: D Thank you!

Fearsome comfort

We are like in slippers with this Plantronics.

My opinion

Well thought out ergonomics, a warrior battery, NFC, bluetooth multi-device, top sound and effective active (and even passive) isolation. All this for a very reasonable price when we compare to market competitors (159 € vs minimum 300 € for competitors), I do not know what to blame this helmet.

We note all the same that it is imposing, that is to say that it does not only have the massive look , it is also really. It is a helmet big enough to carry , a little thinner it would be perfect. It’s not the lightest either. However, the comfort is such that you do not feel the weight at all once you wear it.

Last word: I was really seduced by this helmet , it’s a test copy so I send it back but it’s reluctantly 🙁

And you, what type of helmet do you use? Rather light travel helmet or large mammoth with active noise reduction like this one? We meet in the comments to talk about it.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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