OnePlus 5T – Test of this iPhone killer

In the battle of high-end smartphones from the top of the basket, there are ultimately only a few competing players. Samsung and its S8 (809 €), Apple and its iPhone8 / 10 (respectively 809 € and 1159 € for the first versions), the LG G6 (750 € at the base but available at 420 € approximately) and may be in the lot the Huawei Mate 10 Pro (750 €)? I certainly forget about it but the idea is to give a landscape of the headliners. The OnePlus brand fits into this ranking as usual with a very special placement since the latest model, the OnePlus 5T, is sold for 550 euros.

So what is this latest from OnePlus worth? Can it compete with the top of the basket in terms of performance, photo quality, manufacturing precision?

Technical side

Screen6 inch, Amoled, 2160 x 1080
Photo sensor16MP front and 16MP + 20MP back (f / 1.7)


As usual we can quickly blame OnePlus for not being very imaginative on the design part. Indeed it looks like 2 drops of water to its competitor the iPhone 8. Except that this 5T has no button on the front . The fingerprint reader is located on the back.

Borderless screen realized with precision and very aesthetic.


OnePlus offers an advanced version of FaceUnlock on this 5T. Native Android offers it to unlock smartphones in its Smart Lock / Trusted Face category . But OnePlus implements a more advanced version of this unlocking mode, allowing daily use . It turns out that this Face unlock is very useful and you get used to it really quickly. A look at the smartphone and presto it is unlocked!

To the point that we stop using any other unlocking mode. The fingerprint sensor for example, although formidably effective, becomes secondary. It is useful only for in-app logins like logging in to banking apps for example.


The camera criterion has clearly taken a decisive place in the choice of a smartphone. So let’s dwell on it a bit for this OnePlus 5T. Regarding the back sensor, there are 2 lenses. A stabilized 16 Mpx sensor opening at f / 1.7 (24 mm equivalent) and a 20 Mpx sensor with the same optical characteristics. This configuration in double optics allows in particular to improve the shots in low light and like his friend the iPhone, this 5T incorporates a fairly advanced portrait mode although specific in its use.

The photos taken via the portrait mode are rather successful but it is necessary that this mode is used in favorable conditions. Good light is the main condition. The photos in general are of much better quality than those of the OnePlus 3T. OnePlus here is catching up a bit in terms of photo sensors but is not yet at the level of Apple or Samsung on this point unfortunately.

A very good surprise comes from the front sensor which provides very good quality and on this point makes the difference.


Last quick point on autonomy. It is really good, I used this OnePlus 5T as a main phone for 1 week and I really appreciated its autonomy on a daily basis. Faced with my 3T, the comparison goes very quickly, the 3T is no match. In addition, charging the 5T is also a positive point because it takes about an hour to fully charge the OP5T with the charger provided by OnePlus.

So ? One buys ?

I am 100% won over by this OnePlus 5T. The brand is once again making a very competitive smartphone of remarkable quality. Not much to blame him, it is good on all counts and is an alternative to the most expensive smartphones on the market. With its price of around 550 euros it crushes its competitors at the budget level. If you need to change your smartphone now, you can rush to this OnePlus 5T.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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