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TIME FOR YOU - the new Moto 360

Hello everyone and welcome to this new test in partnership with Toutpourlenet . Today I test for you the Motorola Moto 360 . It was a bit my favorite in the lot of connected watches of the moment by its design. It is the first connected watch in Android Wear that I test here so I will also give you my first impressions about the system and how it works. I had wanted to test a connected watch for a long time before receiving this one and I hadsome reservations about the usefulness of such an object but also its day-to-day use. Let’s see together if this feeling was confirmed or if on the contrary I clung to the concept.

Technical characteristics

Let’s start by setting the decor by discovering the specifications of the device:

Processor TI OMAP 3
Internal memory4GB
Screen320 * 290px (1.5 inches), Gorilla Glass 3 Treatment
Drums320 mAh
OtherWaterproof IP67, accelerometer, compass and gyroscope.
Optical heart sensor.

Getting started

My very first impression was that the watch is light . I compared with the other models and they are all more or less in a pocket handkerchief around 50 grams. It’s a surprise because I was expecting a heavy object. Battery plus screen plus processor, RAM, storage, heart sensor…. all indications were that the watch would be heavy. It is not, and so much the better for us.

The bracelet is very good. Supple without too much , it’s also a good surprise. Small annoying detail, the first strap is too close to the loop (explanations in the video).


What does not stand out too much in the photos is that the screen is very comfortable to use. Brightness is almost always correctly adjusted in automatic mode . Fortunately seen as the light sensor is placed you tell me. This shows that it was a good choice on the part of Motorola to place this light sensor on the front even if it meant making compromises.

The screen looks very pixelated on close-ups but during conventional use the resolution is very satisfactory.  The touch is flawless. Very good overall responsiveness.

Usage and day-to-day use

What is unfortunate for some applications is the lack of possible actions with the watch. Indeed, some notifications do not lead to any action. The telephone is compulsory to process them.

ou quickly realize that it is impossible to get notifications when wearing the watch. There is indeed a “Cinema” mode which amounts to cutting notifications on the watch but which also has the effect of not automatically turning on the screen when you want to check the time. A fairly restrictive mode in the end and which amounts to putting the watch on standby.

I also noticed that in normal mode of use it is difficult not to instantly watch the watch when receiving a notification (vibrations + screen that lights up). In any situation. Which can be a little heavy when chatting with someone or even downright disturbing in many other situations.


We now come to a sensitive point in the test. The autonomy of the 360 ​​bike does not play in its favor. In fact, it is not uncommon for the watch to claim enough energy before the end of the day. I have sometimes received the “low battery” notification at 6 p.m. without having used the watch improperly. Long days are therefore difficult to hold , you have to find a way to extend the battery (recharging in the middle of the day, activation of cinema mode, manual brightness management).

It only takes 1 hour to fully charge the watch which is quite honorable however the wireless charging base is essential for recharging so somewhat cumbersome to transport. Note, however, that  induction charging fulfills its role very well and is very practical for daily use.

Autonomy is a real weak point for this watch and it’s a shame, I think it ruins everything else. Personally I will not be able to invest in a watch like this knowing that the battery does not last during the day and that it will always be the race for the power outlet while praying never to lose the charging base.

Video test

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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