Mini Mobile Robotic Printer – A mini robot printer (yes but no…)

I present to you today a small printing robot which is on Kickstarter at the moment. The observation of the project leaders is simple: Today everything must be portable. They therefore designed a fairly tiny printer ( 10 cm in diameter for 300 grams) and which can therefore fit in your bag very easily.

The Pocket Printer – How it works

As you can see in the photos, it is no longer the sheet that moves as with a conventional printer but the printer that moves by itself to print on the page. It is completely autonomous thanks to its battery which allows it to have an autonomy of one hour in printing (with 3 hours of recharging).

To print you have to connect to the printer via bluetooth and then send the document to it. Pretty cool for once.

The printer uses a standard HP cartridge, or around € 20/25 (with a ladle). It is rather a good point that consumables are accessible everywhere.

It still has a lot of flaws. First of all, it can only print 1.2 pages / minute. Which is very (very) slow. Then she can print only black and white at the moment. We also imagine that during the minute of printing we must pay attention to all movements around the sheet to not disturb the small device in action. Failures or lags must be frequent. In addition it is clearly stated on the Kickstarter page of the product that the printer does not have stabilization sensors and it is the user who has the heavy task of placing the printer in the top / left corner of the page for the printer to start printing. In other words, a bad placement = a crooked impression. And finally: its print quality which is 96 × 192 dpi (dpi = dots per inch = dots per inch = dpi) or on a conventional printer even low-end we are more on 600 x 600 dpi.

The Pocket Printer – My opinion

Let’s be serious, printing (on paper) is anything but the future! It must be made as rare as possible these days. It is extremely polluting and too many pages are still printed, especially in companies but also in schools. We must strive for zero impressions. Especially since financially speaking printing is very expensive , less for professionals because they have machines with better yields but as individuals the prices of cartridges / printers are excessive.

If you really need a printer, then this robot is not the best solution. It will cost you less to have a conventional printer at home. So yes you will tell me that on the road some professionals would need a printer like that. Yes but no. Already without a printer like this we find solutions to print less (greener solutions therefore). And this lack makes it possible to find solutions to avoid printing precisely. And in addition this type of people who absolutely need a tiny portable printer represents a micro part of the population.

Another point to complete is that the more you have easy and immediate access to a printer the more you print totally useless things. The ease of access considerably increases usage. So not having access to a printer also prevents us from printing unnecessary documents. If you had constant access to a printer you would print anything and everything believe me. 

For me this mini robot is a vulgar gadget without real utility simply created to respond to the current obsession which is to make everything mobile and autonomous. It is a bit like what is happening at the moment with “connected objects”. We put the word “connected” to all the sauces and we create everything and anything as long as it can be managed from our smartphone to the pear at 700 euros. The utility of the object is relegated to the background. 

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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