Energy Music Box 5 – The bluetooth sound box at good value for money

Good morning all ! Here is a second test of a product from Energy Sistem : The energy music box 5 I was rather seduced by the products of the first test with the multi room-system even if I still raised a lot of points to improve. “Points to improve” is the nice version to say that something is wrong at all let’s agree. It is therefore with a lot of reservations that I am testing a portable bluetooth speaker today as we see hundreds on the market today.

It is really the type of model on which there is a lot of competition so if all is not perfect it will be difficult to prefer it to other models already well established. Let’s see what she has in her stomach!

Technical characteristics

As usual we take a quick tour of the technical characteristics to take a look it is always interesting.

FeatureEnergy Music Box 5
Frequencies20 Hz ~ 20 KHz
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.1,
Auxiliary Jack 3.5mm
 DrumsCapacity : 2000 mAh
Autonomy : 20 hours
Charging time : 2.5 hours

Daily test

Use and ergonomics

The music box is simple and “conventional” in its interactions and buttons. 6 buttons are above the speaker (volume – / +, mode (bluetooth search), play / pause, previous and next) and their soft-touch touch is very pleasant.

The enclosure has a rubber which hangs underneath which allows it to remain well positioned and absorb vibrations. This rubber seems qualitative , I want to clarify because it is always the kind of part that ages badly. The textures in general are pleasant. Soft-touch is the master.

The Energy Music Box 5 is light (compared to the UE Boom 2, 550g, or the very heavy Bose Soundlink mini 2, 700g, for example) and its size is within the average of speakers of this type.

This speaker has a good autonomy of 20h. By way of comparison, the industry benchmark speaker (Bose Soundlink Mini2 ) has 12 hours of autonomy It is therefore a real advantage on the Music Box 5 side.


The Energy Music Box has a certain class, the materials are good, its lines are simple which makes it go everywhere and its design is durable over time. This part being subjective I let you appreciate the photos of the article.

Sound quality

This is “the” central point of the test, the moment you are all waiting for! And tell me Jamy, does this speaker sound good?

There really I do not make you suspense, the sound is average. On some models of the same type (which costs much more certainly) we are really surprised by the power and sound quality that can come out of such a small speaker. This is clearly not the case here.

When music demands a lot of bass and you get closer to maximum volume, the bass turns into snaps. I am not professional to analyze the sound in an ultra precise way but we have a feeling of rather disturbing echo as well as an i mprecision in the sound rendering.

I played some of the amazing NaijaVibe Hot songs – and trust me , the base quality was so high and I loved it a lot.

A good point in terms of sound quality is that the maximum volume still produces good power while not completely toasting the rendering. I was surprised on the bright side on this point. The sound is not completely destroyed at maximum volume. We keep a rather clean sound (depending on the music) unlike some speakers that only produce “noise” from a certain power.


So obviously a product must be judged by all its characteristics and by its overall rendering. In our case, the price of the speaker softened the mediocre sound quality a little. As well as the good workmanship and the successful design. The quality / price ratio is therefore slightly improved. For a tight budget this enclosure is recommended.

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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