Doogee F7 pro – What is this 10-core Chinese smartphone worth?

Hello everyone, today we are testing a Chinese smartphone which claims to be the first 10-core smartphone! Is all this really necessary? Does the race for power really change the game in the user experience? What is this smartphone worth straight out of Chinese factories? Come read the rest of the article for answers to all of these questions.

Technical characteristics

Let’s start by discovering the specifications of the device and these famous 10 hearts:

Processor 10 cores – Helio X20 Deca core (4 x 1.2GHz; 4 x 2GHz; 2 x 2.5GHz)
Internal memory32GB
Screen5.7 ″ – 1920x1080p
APN21 megapixel (back) – 8 megapixel (front)
Android version6.0
Drums 4000 mAh
Antutu benchmark 87792
Dimensions159.6 x 82.1 x 9.5 mm
OtherUSB type C, Fingerprint sensor, Dual SIM, Support micro-SD (max 64GB), Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0


Question design, on the photos the F7 pro does not do too badly, it looks neat, the materials seem qualitative, in short it attracts the eye. In reality its size and thickness take over when you have it in hand. It is an imposing and rather thick smartphoneUnfortunately this impression remains.

  • You cannot use it with 1 hand because it is already difficult to hold it.
  • It doesn’t fit in my smartphone holder in my car.
  • It enters a few millimeters into space under the car radio.
  • It hardly fits in a pocket.

By cons to take photos, use Google Maps or read articles it is sure that a screen like that is comfortable. It is rather the thickness that is disturbing ultimately.

It must also be said that I am used to a rather thin OnePlus X 5 inch so the shock is severe. It takes a while to get used to this screen size. However, the thickness makes it complicated in terms of handling.

Note that the leftmost button is an “options” button and not “multi-task”. I’m used to having the third button open multi-tasking for Android so it’s pretty confusing to behave differently. Especially since I find the option button totally useless.

On the back of the smartphone are the photo sensor and the fingerprint sensor. The photo sensor protrudes generously and I find it quite annoying not to mention that it can quickly be damaged. As for the fingerprint sensor it is a good point that it is present because it is something really useful in everyday life even if it lacks precision.


The resolution of 1080p is not crazy for this screen size. We would have seen a qHD but full HD remains clean. It shouldn’t be less for a 5.7 ″.

Multimedia – Photos / Videos / Sound


The speakers are really basic . The sound is not remarkable and the volume is correct so not much to say on this point.


The Sony sensor is proudly displayed on the technical sheets of this smartphone. The reality of the sensor is rather basic. It is not bad but it does not break three legs to a duck. When we see what the Honor 7 can do in photos for example, this smartphone is far below.

Here are example of photos taken by the F7 pro:


With its huge 4000 mAh battery, the F7 pro does very well in autonomy. The resolution of the screen is often the most energy-consuming in a smartphone and the Doogee “takes advantage” of its resolution not staggering at the level of autonomy. In addition, the 10 hearts are rarely used all at the same time, autonomy is optimized.

My opinion / Conclusion

The F7 pro does not excel in anything except in the speed of execution thanks to its 10-core processor but it has the average everywhere. If we remove the wrong point from the size and thickness, the rest is really correct. All the criticisms of this article should be put into perspective in the face of the price of this smartphone. The Doogee is sold around 270/275  which makes its quality / power / price ratio all the same interesting. If you are looking for a generally average smartphone, inexpensive but with a pulsing processor, this Doogee F7 pro is to be considered

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Ashutosh Bhatt is a digital marketer from India, who loves to test and write reviews about various products as well as gaming stuff.
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